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Membership Application Process:


The application process requires a prospective member to be sponsored by at least one active member of the club.  It is the sponsor’s role to provide information regarding the club (including the membership application process), answer any initial questions the applicant my have about the club,  and get to know a little about the applicant so that they may speak on their behalf to the general membership.


Once the applicant has obtained a sponsor an application form will need to be filled out.  This form can be obtained from the Membership Committee Chairman, or the club Secretary.  The next step of the process will depend upon the type of membership being applied for.


The annual membership dues are currently $36.00 per year for both Regular and Associate membership.  Regular members pay an additional one-time initiation fee, and have additional benefits within the club.


Regular Membership:

Regular members are expected to attend at least two meetings during a six-month period, as well as participate in the annual hamfest in June.


For regular membership the applicant will need to attend two regular club meetings within a six-month period.  At those two meetings the application will be read to the membership in attendance.  This gives the membership some initial information about the applicant, and then also provides an opportunity for some interaction between the club members and the applicant to ensure that there both feel there is a good ‘fit’.  Once the two readings have been completed the club Secretary will mail out voting ballots to all current RVRC members in good standing.  Those ballots will be returned by the membership and they will be tallied at the next regular club meeting.  Please note that the applicant is not allowed to attend the meeting where the votes are counted.  The club Secretary will notify the applicant via mail as to the results of the vote.  The results are not, as a matter of club policy, given over the air. If the applicant is accepted for membership there will be an initiation fee of $25.00 plus $3.00 per month remaining in the calendar year, beginning with the month following the acceptance.


Associate Membership:

Associate membership has no meeting attendance requirements and hamfest participation is not required, but is of course welcomed and encouraged.


For associate membership the applicant need only complete and submit the application form.  The application will be read to the membership at the two meetings following the receipt of the application (the applicant does not need to be present for an associate membership application), and then voted upon immediately following the second reading. Please note that the applicant is not allowed to attend the meeting where the votes are counted.  The applicant will be notified by mail as to the result of the vote.